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  • Sept 8
  • DRC Official

Let Us Determine a Suspicious International Service Provider.

Sending your parcel abroad for the first time is definitely exhilarating and exciting. You contact an international courier service in Abu Dhabi, take your package to the nearest office, complete the formalities and wait for it to reach its destination.

However, when it comes to the fragile international market, you cannot trust every international courier in Dubai. You have to make sure of certain factors to know that your package is going to reach the receiver safely, without any damage or loss.

Required certification in place
All courier services require particular certification as the binding legal authority to make sure that your package is safe in their hands. This assures the client of having specific rights in case of goods delay, loss, or breakage of the goods. You must check for a valid certificate of the service provider before getting into business with them.

Packaging procedure
If an international service provider is suspicious, they will not want to pack your item in front of you safely. Make sure to demand proper carton boxes or heavy covering, depending on the fragility of the object. Choose bubble wrapping for extra care of the parcel and have them packed right away.

Tracking your shipment
Genuine shipping service will provide you with a continuous tracking facility, using a tracking number, either through an app or on their website. The maximum number of parcels that you can track reaches up to 10 in the case of international service providers. If a live tracking facility is not available, you should reconsider choosing a particular postal service.

Charges and paperwork
The company should be responsible enough to let you know of all the charges that will be levied upon you to ship the package. All the documents should also be listed beforehand so that you do not face any difficulty in the shipping process. The type of your goods determines the provisions laid out for it, and so, you should be ready for cumbersome paperwork.

As long as all these factors are managed well by a company, it can be safe to say that your package will be shipped properly by them. To stay wary of any scam and be protected from losing out on your valuable package, contact the Dr Courier & Cargo. They can provide you with the best servicing in all the international couriers in UAE. Reach out to the global seas and exchange all that you want to, for they are here to make your task easier.

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